Prize Name: Building a “Groundswell” with the power of Salesforce

Description: At Groundswell our core values are, #passion, #trust, and #teamwork. That’s why we want you to use your thirst for knowledge to learn and utilize something from Salesforce’s vast platform to help turn your ideas into a reality! There is so much more to Salesforce than just CRM—with access to a rich set of Developer-centric resources available at your disposal. You can leverage so many capabilities through their platform to build solutions quickly!

Judging Criteria: Our judges will be looking for creativity and how well you’ve used Salesforce technology to help turn ideas into reality in hours, not weeks.

Prize: Each member of the winning team receives a $100 MEC gift card, a Groundswell Backpack packed with local coffee, local chocolates, and other goodies. PLUS a guaranteed interview at Groundswell!

Qualification Criteria: Your solution must utilize at least one of Salesforce’s products or services.

Ideas and Resources: